Does Life give us a second chance..?

I think this the most asking ques of most of us .. Is it true ?

But you know what i think life give us that second chance in the form of opportunity , person or in any form but it give us that chance which we ignore because we’re still regretting for that first chance which we had lost and in all this we lost that opportunity ,which is exactly made for us ..

Why we always regret of that first chance ,why we believe that life is all over ,if that didn’t work .. Nothing is permanent in this world , life will never stop for anyone its you who stop .. I was the same , who always regret of that first chance which i lost and now i regret why i wasted my time over that .. You know what if it belongs to you nothing will stop it and if it doesn’t not ,infinite chances will not work ..So i think its better to move on and look forward for your second chance which Life gives you .. Believe in yourself..

Give that second chance not only in your career but also in relationships also .. I dont understand why people don’t believe in Love if their first relationship didn’t work .. It’s not necessary that everyone will be the same ,give yourself second chance .

Some people come into our life just to teach us , guide us if they want to go let them go .. Don’t break yourself for others, just believe they are not for us they came into our life just to cross our path that’s it .. The person who truly loves you will come into your life but its upto you don’t ignore that love because of yours that first bad relationship..

Give yourself that second chance .. life is too short to be sad you never know what will happen in next minute so its better to live your life with full enthusiasm.. Life will never do any unfair to anyone ,it give equal chance to everyone and some people see that chance and look forward for their happiness..

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