Emotional attachment.

In this precious life you know what is most painful, to lost someone you never thought of even in you dreams.. That lost can not be completed by anything, anyone . Its completely shattered you from inside and outside.. You don’t know how to cope up from this loss.

Why sometimes we attached so strongly to someone that even the little change in their behavior can affect you a lot..Why cant we get over that attachment..

Its the only that emotional attachment which do not allow you to get over that person even we know that we cant get back him or her in our life again .. But even though why we always beg to GOD to get back them in our life ..Why cant we get over that emotional attachment.

The answer of the above paragraphs is that memories.. The memories which we spent with them how can someone’s forget get that ,even the bad memories we cant forget so easily.. The memories is the only thing through which we attached to that person emotionally..

I wish we can erase our memories so that we can get over with that emotional attachment..


    1. But what if those memories do not allow you to move on .. Sometimes its good to keep memories with us but if it affect our life then simply erase it..its all what you can do so that it will not affect your future..

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